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Colloquium: Thursday, October 22nd, 4:25 PM, Via Zoom

What can we learn from heavy neutron stars?” By Dr. Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler- University of Illinois. 

The observation of gravitational waves from a blackhole-mystery object binary opens the possibility for heavy neutron stars of 2.5 solar masses (potentially seen in GW190814). If this mystery object is a neutron star of 2.5 solar masses, it poses direct challenges to models of the equation of state. Interestingly, introducing non-trivial structure in the speed of sound sourced by changes in the degrees of freedom (possibly quarks) of ultra-dense matter can resolve this conflict, which may have large ramifications in nuclear and astrophysics. However, for a clear smoking gun signature of the mystery object being a neutron star, one requires a measurement of the tidal deformability that is non-zero. Because the predicted values are very small, a tenfold increase in sensitivity may be needed to test this possibility with gravitational waves, which is feasible with third generation detectors.

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Physics Colloquium Schedule for Fall 2020

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