Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium: Thursday, December 3rd, 4:25 PM, Via Zoom

“Fractons: From Field to Plate” By Dr. Vijay ShenoyIndian Institute of Science (IISc). 

I will review recently discovered and intriguing phase of matter -- the fracton phase. This phase supports excitations -- dubbed fractons -- that have "restricted (fractional) mobility''. I will describe a recently developed field theory where the fractons can be of ``arbitrary order'' (this concept will be explained in the talk)  and can even be extended objects.  I will argue that exotic fractonic systems with vector charges are hiding in plain sight -- on the paper we write on (an elastic plate) -- demonstrating why it is possible to cut a piece paper (with a pair of scissors) along an arbitrary curve drawn on it, yet can fold the paper (without crumpling) only along a straight line.

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Physics Colloquium Schedule for Fall 2020

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October 15Kei-Mei FuUniversity of WashingtonSynthesis and characterization of quantum defects: from deep centers in diamond to shallow impurities in ZnO
October 22Jaki Noronha-HostlerUniversity of Illinois What can we learn from heavy neutron stars?
October 29Babak SeradjehIndian UniversityFloquet-engineered topological phases of quantum matter
November 5Jennifer RossSyracuse University Self-Assembly and Self-Propulsion of Active Biological Elements
November 12Matthew SievertNew Mexico State UniversityDissecting the Guts of the Proton
November 19Jerome LiciniLehigh UniversityPhysics Education Research: Initiative at Lehigh University
December 3Vijay ShenoyIndian Institute of ScienceFractons: From Field to Plate