Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium: Thursday, Feburary 25th, 2:25 PM, Via Zoom

Please note most of our colloquiums are held at 4:25 pm, but for this week only it will be held at 2:25pm. 

Amorphous topological insulators in theory and experiment” By Dr. Adolfo Grushin Neel Institute, Grenoble, France. 

A central goal of contemporary material science is to find new, robust, and universal phenomena that can be technologically useful. Topological phases of matter are one of the most robust phases of matter, and host such potential. However, these phases are often understood and predicted with the help of crystal symmetries, although they don't rely on them to exist. By doing so we are forced to exclude a vast pool of amorphous materials, which are ubiquitous in technology and can display properties that surpass those of crystals. In this talk I will review how topological phases have been recently shown to emerge in non-crystalline systems, notably in amorphous systems, both in experiment and theory. The ubiquity and unique properties of amorphous systems combined with the robustness of topology has the potential to bring new fundamental understanding in our classification of phases of matter, and inspire new technological developments.

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Physics Colloquium Schedule for Fall 2020

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February 4Thomas CocoliosCatholic University of Leuven BelgiumThe ISOLDE facility at CERN
February 11Gary ShiuUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonThe Topology of Data: from String Theory to Cosmology to Phases of Matter
February 18Colin ParkerGeorgia TechSpin Susceptibility Above the Superfluid Onset in Ultracold Fermi Gases
February 25Adolfo GrushinNeel Institute, Grenoble, FranceAmorphous Topological Insulators in Theory and Experiment
March 4Shashank ShekharEmory University Self-assembly of the Cellular Skeleton, One Molecule at a Time
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March 25Sina NajmaeiUS Army Research Lab-
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April 29David SinghUniversity of Missouri -
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