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Lehigh University Physics - Demonstrating Physics on a chalkboard lectureThe department offers a full range of courses in physics and astronomy from survey and entry levels through advanced graduate. Courses at Lehigh University are numbered 001 through 499, with ranges loosely defined as follows...

  • 001-099  Entry Level; First Semester Freshmen
  • 100-199  Lower Level; Freshmen-Sophomore
  • 200-299  Intermediate;  Sophomore-Junior
  • 300-399  Advanced Undergrad-Beginning Grad
  • 400-499  Graduate Students

Courses carry 1-4 credit hours. Undergraduates typically enroll in 15-16 credit hous per semester, constituting 4-5 primary courses (with labs not counted separately from accompanying courses). Graduate students with teaching or research assistantships typically enroll in 3 courses for 9 credit hours per semester.