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The Department of Physics provides students with strong interests in physics and related sciences with faculty keenly interested in fostering their growth through courses, research opportunities, and individual interactions.  Educational programs in basic and applied physics can be tailored easily to suit a student’s individual interests and needs.

Lehigh offers the following undergraduate degrees in physics, astrophysics, and astronomy: the Bachelor of Science in Physics, the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, theBachelor of Science in Engineering Physics in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Astronomy in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics. The first three of these share a common core of physics and mathematics courses, students can defer choosing from among them until after the first year, and changes can be made rather easily even later.

Minor programs in physics and astronomy are also available for students who wish to enlarge their potential for a career choice or who may be eager to learn more about physics or astrophysics than an introductory course can provide.
Lehigh University Physics - Departmental eventThe Department has a modest-sized faculty that is highly research active, providing students with opportunities to have close, individual interactions with faculty members that are typical of a small college and research experiences that are typical of a large university.  Student research is arranged informally as early as the sophomore (or occasionally freshman) year at the initiation of the student, or formally as a senior research project.  In addition, the Physics Department has one of the longest running, and most successful, summer research programs in the United States for undergraduate students.  Funding from several sources, including the University and the National Science Foundation, provides support that allows most upper-level physics majors to spend 10 summer weeks on campus with undergraduates from other institutions, during which they carry out individual research projects with faculty members while living together on campus.

Degrees Offered, and More

  • Physics (B.A., B.S.) Engineering
  • Physics (B.S.) Astronomy (B.A.)
  • Astrophysics (B.S.)
  • Flexible academic programs with degree options in physics, astronomy, and engineering physics
  • High-level research opportunities for undergraduates in frontier areas of physics
  • One of the longest-running and most successful summer research programs for undergraduates
  • New faculty members and growing research programs in important new areas of physics: optics and  photonics, biophysics, and nanotechnology

Lehigh University Physics - Student in summerStudent in summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program