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Department of Physics

Physics students

Welcome to Physics at Lehigh University!

The Department of Physics at Lehigh University offers vibrant educational and research opportunities and close personal attention to undergraduate and graduate students. Lehigh’s degree programs lead to the B.A., B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics, the B.S. in Astrophysics and the B.A. in Astronomy. Research at Lehigh spans a broad range of exciting topics that include string theory and cosmology, exoplanets, relativistic collisions of heavy nuclei, cell division, photonics with femtosecond lasers, strongly correlated condensed-matter systems and cold atoms at 10-9 K, providing a broad range of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Department of Physics is housed in the Sherman Fairchild Center for the Physical Sciences, containing Lewis Laboratory, the Sherman Fairchild Laboratory for Solid-State Studies, and a well-equipped research wing.

Bethlehem is located in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. The town is 70 miles north of Philadelphia and 80 miles west of New York City, making the cultural, entertainment and transportation facilities of these cities easily accessible. Founded by Moravians in 1741, Bethlehem has a charming colonial atmosphere and its own rich cultural heritage.

Ivan Biaggio lab

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