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Dual Degree Programs


In addition to Lehigh's three undergraduate degrees in physics, there are several five- year, dual-degree programs involving physics: The Arts-Engineering program, the combination of the B.S. in Physics with Electrical Engineering, and the combination of Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics.


The Arts-Engineering program provides the student with an opportunity to experience the breadth of a liberal arts education and simultaneously follow the focused curriculum of an engineering major. Students in this five-year, dual degree program are awarded two bachelors degrees, one from the College of Arts and Sciences and another from the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the latter a professional degree.

See the Arts-Engineering section of the catalog for more information.

B.S. in Physics and B.S. in Electrical Engineering

The combined arts/engineering programs resulting in bachelors degrees in both physics and electrical engineering may be arranged so that either of the two degrees is completed within the first four years.

See the Combined Physics/B.S. in Electrical Engineering section of the catalog for more information.

Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics

This dual-degree curriculum is particularly well suited for students seeking thorough preparation in the field of electronic device physics. It is a combination of the basic electrical engineering and engineering physics curricula and requires 162 credit hours, distributed over five years. The student will earn two degrees: B.S. in electrical engineering and B.S. in engineering physics.

See the Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics section of the catalog for course sequences. 

Declare more than one major

If either of your majors is a Bachelor of Science you will need to request permission to pursue a Dual Degree before you will be able to declare your second degree program.

Dual Degree Petition Form