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Dual Degree Petition


With careful planning a student can potentially complete two degrees. Because of the definition of the BS degree, a student pursuing a BS who wants another major must pursue a dual degree. A student may request a BA and a BS or two BS degrees in the same undergraduate college or across the undergraduate colleges. For a dual degree a student requests permission to pursue two degrees by filling out the petition (provided above), scheduling a meeting with the appropriate undergraduate college, and submitting an approved semester-by-semester academic plan. The academic plan cannot demonstrate a course credit overload in any semester, and is preferably reviewed by an advisor in each degree program. There are two fundamental requirements:

  • The student must earn 30 credits beyond the first degree to earn any second degree at Lehigh. (Accordingly, the dual degree usually takes five years, but students can reduce the total time with AP credits or summer session courses.)

  • Graduation and distribution requirements must be satisfied in both programs.

There is no limit to the overlap of courses for dual degrees, but each major in the dual degree program must have at least 30 credits that stands independently of coursework in the other major.

The Arts/Engineering program provides guidance to students seeking a BA in the College of Arts and Sciences and a BS in the College of Engineering. For more information please reach out to either of the directors of this program, Assistant Dean Beth Pelton ( or Associate Dean Sabrina Jedlicka ( 

Petition for a Dual Degree