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Physics undergraduate student

Programs of Study in Physics

The Department of Physics provides students with a strong interest in physics or astrophysics with a faculty keenly interested in fostering their growth through coursework and individual research opportunities. Educational programs in basic physics, astrophysics, and applied physics can be tailored to suit a student’s interests and needs.

Lehigh offers the following undergraduate degrees in physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and applied physics:

These degree programs share a common core of physics and mathematics courses so that students can defer choosing among them until after the first year, and changes can be made even later.

The Department has a highly research active faculty that offers students opportunities to have close interactions with faculty members and to engage in high-level research experiences. Student research can be arranged informally as early as the sophomore year or formally as a junior or senior research course. Summer research opportunities are also available.

Minor programs in physics and astronomy are also available for students who wish to enlarge their possibilities for a career choice or who are eager to learn more about physics or astrophysics.

STAR Detector image

Studying Quark Gluon Plasma

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions ram ions traveling at speeds comparable to the speed of light, by which physicists can study the primal form of matter that occurred in the universe shortly after the Big Bang. These impacts and the properties of the matter produced in them are the focus of research by experimental physicist Anders Knospe.

Anders Knospe

Assistant Professor of Physics

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