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Bitan Roy

Assistant Professor

Lewis Lab 414

PhD in Physics, Simon Fraser University 2011

MSc in Physics, Simon Fraser University 2008

MSc in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology 2006

BSc with Physics (Hons), Calcutta University 2004

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Research Areas

Additional Interests

  • Quantum Phase Transition & Critical Phenomena
  • Topological Phases of Matter
  • Superconductivity & Magnetism
  • Disordered Systems
  • Non-Hermitian Systems

Research Statement

Professor Roy’s research program focuses on several cutting-edge topics of modern condensed matter physics that are of fundamental importance, bearing close connections with ongoing experiments at low temperature, quantum field theory and high-energy physics. His current research is concentrated on understanding the role of competing orders in various strongly correlated system, topological and disordered materials, and formulation of relativistic quantum field theory in open or non-Hermitian systems with applications in correlated and topological systems. Prof. Roy and his group members pursue complementary field theoretic and numerical approaches to investigate these problems. His research is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the CAREER AWARD program. 


Bitan Roy received his Ph.D. in Physics from Simon Fraser University in 2011. He held post-doctoral positions at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida), University of Maryland and Rice University (Houston, Texas). Subsequently, he was a Staff Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (Dresden, Germany) for two years. In 2019, he joined the Department of Physics at Lehigh University as an Assistant Professor. His research interests focus on various cutting-edge topics of modern condensed matter physics that includes strongly correlated, topological, disordered and non-Hermitian materials. At present, he is leading a research group of three graduate students and one post-doctoral fellow.

  1. NSF CAREER AWARD (2023-2027)
  2. Class of '68 Assistant Professor Faculty Research Award, Lehigh University (2022)
  3. Simon Fraser University Graduate Fellowship (2006-2011)
  4. Simon Fraser University Presidential Research Scholarship (2009-2010)


Bitan Roy has authored 87 scientific articles, published in peer-reviewed journals (including multiple single-authored papers), and a total of 100 preprints that are available on arXiv. His current H-index is 37, according to Google Scholar. A complete list of publication can be found here

Some selected publications are:

  1. Antiunitary symmetry protected higher-order topological phases, Bitan Roy, Physical Review Research 1, 032048 (2019).
  2. Higher-order topological superconductors in P-, T- odd quadrupolar Dirac materials, Bitan Roy, Physical Review B 101, 220506(R) (2020).
  3. Metals, fractional metals, and superconductivity in rhombohedral trilayer graphene, Andras Szabo and Bitan Roy, Physical Review B 105, L081407 (2022).
  4. Anomalous and normal dislocation modes in Floquet topological insulators, Tanay Nag and Bitan Roy, Communications Physics 4, 157 (2021).
  5. Inner skin effects on non-Hermitian topological fractals, Sourav Manna and Bitan Roy, Communications Physics, 6, 10 (2023).   


I teach courses across all levels, from Freshman to Physics Majors undergraduate, and graduate classes, including advanced and special topics:

  • Introduction to Modern Physics (PHY 31, Undergraduate level course for Engineers and Physicists)
  • Quantum Mechanics II (PHY 369, Second Quantum Mechanics Course for Physics Majors)
  • Electricity & Magnetism II (PHY 422, Second Course on Electricity and Magnetism for Physics Graduate Students)
  • Quantum Mechanics II (PHY 424, Second Quantum Mechanics Course for Physics Graduate Students)
  • Theory of Solids (PHY 431, Advanced Graduate Level Course on a Special Topic)
  • Quantum Field Theory (PHY 495, Advanced Graduate Level Course on a Special Topic)
  • Special topic in high-energy and condensed matter physics (PHY 472: Student seminar for graduate students in high-energy and condensed matter physics)