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Colloquium: Thursday, December 2, 4:25 PM v

“Matter-Wave Circuits of Ultracold Fermions”, by Prof. Kevin Wright from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College

The fundamentally quantum mechanical nature of physical law is not obvious in most large systems, however, there are some materials whose macroscopic properties are dominated by collective quantum effects. Superfluidity and superconductivity are the best-known examples of this "macroscopic quantum" behavior. After eighty years of work on these problems there have been some amazing breakthroughs but predicting the nature (and even existence) of macroscopic quantum phases of matter is still a notoriously difficult problem. Ultra-cold atomic gases are becoming an important tool for exploring these phenomena, with the development of "atom circuits" that can be used to study quantum phases of matter with an unprecedented degree of control. After an overview of key results from work with weakly interacting bosonic atoms, I will present results of groundbreaking new experiments with circuits of fermionic atoms where we show the ability to create persistent currents and measure the critical interaction strength at which they decay. These capabilities provide an exciting new means for studying systems of interacting fermions in regimes and geometries previously inaccessible to experiments, in which unusual quantum phases with interesting transport properties are predicted to exist.

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Physics Colloquium Schedule for Fall 2021

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November 11 Mike Shelley Flatiron Institute Active Matter and Transport in Living Cells
November 18 Barbara Jacak UC Berkeley  Exploring QCD Matter
November 25 Thanksgiving Break - -
December 2 Kevin Wright Dartmouth College Matter-Wave Circuits of Ultracold Fermions